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An analysis of PM Modi’s Oath taking ceremony chart on 09.06.2024 on 7:23 pm
Rising sign of the oath taking muhurta chart is Scorpio, a fixed sign and it’s Lord placed in it’s own house in Aries.Also Scorpio is also PM Modi’s natal Ascdendant and the oath taking is taking place in the hora of Mars.A strong Moon is essential for the longetivity of the Government which is placed in it’s own house of Cancer. Lagna Lord is stronger than the 8th Lord and the 8th Lord having benefic aspects ensures the longetivity of the Government. Coalition partners is indicated by the 7th house and it’s Lord Venus is in it’s own house indicates that the coalition partners will have their say but will not upset the apple cart.The karaka of democracy is in the fourth house of throne in it’s own mooltrikona rashi and it’s aspect on the lagna and the lagna lord indicates some trouble but ensures continuance of strong democracy. Saturn;s aspect on the lagna and lagna lord is cause of concern and may create some challenging situations.
Moon in Patta gives limited authority to the King and Sun in Simhasan will ensure policies are implemented. On the whole a very decent muhurta for oath taking ensuring the longetivity of the government and implementation of policies.
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