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 Mundane Predictions for Hindu New Year 2024 (Vikram Samvat 2081)

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada Tithi starts on 8th April 2024 around 11:50 pm and ends at April 9th, 2024 at 8:30 pm ushering in Vikram Samrat 2081. This year incidentally A solar eclipse also takes place on 8th April starting from 9.12 pm IST to to 1:25 AM on 9th April. The total  solar eclipse of April 2024 will be visible mainly  across entire North America and will have far reaching influence for mainly USA and the world in the coming months.

My mundane predictions for Vikram Samvat  2081 for India , USA and Middle East.


For India the Solar Eclipse will occur in Pisces the 11th house of India’s Independence Day Chart and also Saturn and Mars in the 10th house. Economic growth could see a major decline. Steep correction in the stock market is foreseen. Some radical policy shift in foreign relations could be foreseen. Some treaties/agreements with foreign countries maybe ratified. Lot of controversies in parliamentary politics is foreseen. Communal rioting in the Northern part of the country is possible. Some air travel disaster is also foreseen in Samvat 2081. Samvat 2081 does not bring happy tidings to India.


This particular total  solar eclipse will be visible from mainly North America which may have far reaching consequences for the US. The eclipse occurs in Pisces the fourth house of USA’s natal chart which is the throne of the King or the US president in this case. It does not augur well for the US President Joe Biden. There could be some kind of policy paralysis in the US government. Natural disasters like Earthquake, forest fires, land slides, flash floods could happen in the Northern part of the US homeland. US domestic agricultural produce may decline due to natural disasters. Rate of recession could increase in the US.



The solar eclipse happen’s in the 7th house of enemies in Israel’s chart. It is quite possible that the Israel – Hamas conflict may spiral out of hand with other Arab nations starting to support the Hamas overtly. Arab nations may send troops to join Hamas against Israel. Transiting Ketu in Israel’s lagna shows that Israel may find themselves cornered initially but gaining in the later stage. 

Russia is also Virgo lagna so this eclipse may see Russia facing additional military action from NATO. 

In a nutshell 2081 Vikram Samvat does not bring happy tidings in general.

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