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Nadi Astrology is the oldest form of astrology known in existence. All other forms of astrology are derived from Nadi Astrology. Currently Parashari form of astrology which is practiced today very widely is nothing but a refined form of Nadi Astrology. Nadi Astrology is considered to be a highly accurate form of astrology and relies on the prections from the recordings of the Nadi siddhas.

The word Nadi means pulse in Sanskritn, which is a vital flow of planetary energies which flows through a subtle channel all over the body.

Nadi astrology may be classified majorly into two divisions, Jeeva Ajeeva Nadis. Jeeva or live is a dynamic form of Nadi astrology where the Nadi reader may use Palm leaves, numbers and various other methods to make predictions. Ajeeva Nadi on the other hand is based on the Karaktwattas and progression of planets.

Nadi is based on certain principles and probably the most accurate form of astrology in existence. There are some special insights that one can gain into past lives.

You can get a ln Ajeeva Nadi reading from our Nadi readers.

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