Apr 20 - May 20

Taurus Moon Sign Annual Horoscope for 2024

Jupiter will continue to transit your 12th house from natal Moon till May 1st 2024. Your yogakaraka planet Saturn will be transiting your karmasthan 10th house throughout 2024. Rahu will be transiting your 11th house and Ketu your 5th house from natal Moon throughout 2024.

The main theme for Taureans throughout 2024 will be hard work and social networking. Jupiter your 8th and 11th Lord transiting your 12th house will make you spend on spiritual pursuits especially during the first half of the year. But fear not since most of your expenses will add to good karmic credits. After May 1st when Jupiter transits your Moon Sign where will be substantial financial gains .2024 promises to a great one for Taurean business  folks. Beginning of the year will be good for partnerships for business folks. Saturn in its own mooltrikona Rashi Aquarius will be transiting your 10th house which will make you work super hard and also rewards along with it. In 2024 you will find your social circle expanding and professional networking will be on the upswing. In 2024 one of your major wishes may come true.

2024 may not be good for romantic relationships for Taurean folks. There could be potential misunderstandings and conflicts in your romantic life. Taurean students also may face hurdles in their studies but research scholars will do well due to the transit of Ketu in their 5th house. Good time to study astrology and other occult subjects for the so inclined. In a nutshell entire 2024 will be all about career and networking for the Taureans.