Oct 23 - Nov 21

Scorpio Moon Sign Annual Horoscope for 2024

2024 may turn out to be mixed bag for the Scorpios. Saturn will be transiting your 4th house from Natal Moon throughout 2024 which is known as Ardhasthami Shani. Your 5th Lord and 2nd Lord Jupiter will be transiting your 6th house till May 1st and them will move into the 7th house. Rahu will be transiting your 5th house throughout 2024 and Ketu will be transiting your 11th house.

2nd Lord in the 6th house coupled with Saturn’s aspect may pose blockages in finance and also will post health challenges. Ardhasthami dhaiya of Saturn is not a favourable transit posing all sorts of challenges.Domestic relationships will be challenged.Your functional malefic planet Rahu transiting your 5th will disturb mental peace however this transit placement may give speculative gains.Once Jupiter moves to your 7th house some relief can be expected. Throughout 2024 please take good care of your mother’s health and well being.

There could be some misunderstanding in your social circle without no fault of your own, so be mindful. 2024 may not be the best time for a career shift. It’s best to maintain status quo throughout 2024 and patiently wait for more favourable times.