May 21 - Jun 20

Gemini Moon Sign 2024 annual horoscope

Devguru Jupiter is transiting your 11th house and moves to your 12th after May 1st 2024. Saturn will continue to remain in Aquarius throughout the year in your 9th house of dharma.Rahu will continue to transit your 10th house of profession and Ketu your 4th house.Health should an area of focus this year with problems concerning your legs  and also lungs in general.

2024 promises to be foundation year for Gemini folks where they wil get ample opportunities to prepare a launching pad for themselves. Those who are planning to marry, the first half of the year is a good time to tie the knot.First half of the year will be financially good with several earning opportunities on the cards.2nd half of the year will make you spend on spiritual pursuits and donations so it is imperative you conserve your money during the first half of the year. Saturn in your 9th house of higher learning and also dharma will prepare for greater meaningful things in life in the bargain will give you some wild swings in professional life.

Some of the Gemini folks may experience foreign travel in 2024.Folks wanting to purchase a vehicle or a property in 2024 should be careful since Ketu is transiting your 4th house. Students will also face some difficulties but those in higher studies will do well with Saturn posited in the 9th.