Jun 21 - Jul 22

Cancer Moon Sign annual horoscope for 2024

2024 could be a radical year of transformation for the Cancerians. Jupiter will be transiting your 10th house and will move to the 11th house of gains after May 1st. Saturn will transit your 8th house through out 2024. Rahu will be transiting your 9th house and Ketu your 3rd house.

Cancerians should take special care of their health in 2024.Father’s health will also be an area of concern.Cancerians with some pre existing chronic disease should be especially careful in 2024.There could be some promotion at your workplace in 2024. Second half of 2024 will be financially more rewarding once Jupiter moves to your 11th house.Eligible Cancerians may look to tie the knot in 2024.Another theme for the Cancerians in 2024 will be travel. Cancerians may travel a lot in 2024 including foreign travel. Also Cancerians need to watch their communication in 2024 including their social media posts.There is a good chance of misunderstandings due to wrong choice of words or communication.

Asthama Shani i.e Saturn’s transit over your 8th house will be transformative in nature.Generally Saturn transiting 8th from Saturn throws up quite a number of challenges on all fronts and the key is to understand what Shani is expecting from you. Asthama Shani is the time for introspection, spiritual and personal growth and self discovery. You will feel like quitting but nonetheless staying focused and being resilient will reward you. Being proactive and taking care of one’s health should be the priorities for Cancerians.