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Looking for accurate predictions astrologer in Kolkata , true revelations and the right path that you need to choose in life? Look no further than Vedic Oracle. A premier resource for the best fortune-telling and astrological guidance services, we are proud to help clients in distress – financial, social, marital issues, life issues, career, academic confusion and so on.

Why Choose Vedic Oracle?

Vedic Oracle is one of the most renowned online astrology platforms India, offering a wide array of services and resources for those seeking guidance and enlightenment. With a focus on astrology and planetary gemology, our platform has become a trusted source for people who want to find out all about their destinies and unlock the mysteries that lie within the cosmos.

We have a comprehensive range of spiritual offerings, including:

At Vedic Oracle, we follow a holistic approach to spiritual well-being, catering to the diverse needs of our esteemed clientele.

Our spiritual store is nothing less than a treasure trove of exquisite planetary gemstones, meticulously selected and handpicked by our team of skilled gemologists. We test each gemstone rigorously in our state-of-the-art laboratory, which means you can always be assured of their authenticity and quality. We are dedicated to excellence and you can always get the finest gemstones when you need them.

Our offerings extend beyond gemstones. We offer various remedies and spiritual items, sourced from trusted suppliers who share our commitment to authenticity and spirituality. From sacred gems and incense to spiritual books and artifacts, our store is a haven for those seeking to enhance their spiritual journey.

We believe in the power of spirituality to transform lives. Vedic Oracle strives to be a guiding light, and illuminate your path towards peace, happiness, self-discovery and enlightenment, powered by the rich tradition of astrology.


Life can be pretty challenging at times. An individual can feel like a traveler on an unknown path engulfed in complete darkness. At times like these, a far-reaching vision is the need of the hour. Based in Kolkata, we are known for helping our customers with the most accurate predictions about various aspects of their lives. Our astrologer in kolkata can bring you back from the abyss and offer a new direction to your life.

There are times when a person has to move towards a complete in new direction or bring about changes in self that are necessary for success and growth. However, not everyone understands these. And this is where top notch astrological service providers like us can be of help.

We can offer the most qualified astrological guidance during times of need and distress. Whether it comes to academic pursuits, career issues, love incompatibility, marital strife, financial problems or any other life issues, our guidance is what you need. We have helped thousands of people get their life back on track after a close brush with absolute catastrophe. Our services can be extremely useful. Armed with proper understanding and a new vision, you can tackle your existential crises with more ease.

We stand out in many ways:

  • Personalized and detailed astrological consultations
  • Empowerment through practical advice and guidance
  • Access to experienced and knowledgeable astrologers in kolkata
  • Holistic approach to addressing various life aspects
  • Commitment to client satisfaction and well-being

We are also made special by our global shipping services. We ship our products proudly, not only across India but also globally. Whether you reside in the bustling cities of Mumbai or Delhi or in a distant corner of the world, our offerings will reach you – in as less time as possible.

What is Vastu Sastra?

Vastu Sastra, also known as Vastu Shastra, is an ancient Indian architectural and design system. You might definitely have heard about how it is used for creating harmonious living spaces. It is rooted in the belief that the design and layout of buildings have a profound impact on the well-being and success of the individuals residing in them.

This specific knowledge system provides guidelines for the placement of different elements within a structure, such as:

  • Rooms,
  • Objects, such as mirrors, plant pots etc
  • Doors,
  • Windows, and
  • Furniture

The aim is to optimize positive energy flow and balance the five elements of nature.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a metaphysical practice. It assigns symbolic meanings to numbers and their influence on human life. It is based on the belief that numbers hold significant vibrations and can offer insights into a person’s:

  • Personality,
  • Strengths,
  • Weaknesses, and
  • Life path

Numerologists analyze names, dates of birth, and other numerical patterns. It helps them to uncover hidden meanings and patterns. With a proper understanding of these numerical influences, one can gain a deeper understanding of self, make informed decisions, and align own actions with the purpose of life.

What is Tarotscope?

It is a combination of tarot cards and horoscope. Tarotscope involves using tarot cards to provide guidance and insights into the life of a person, based on his / her astrological sign and specific time period.

This works really simple! Tarot cards are shuffled and drawn to represent different aspects of a person’s life, such as love, career, and relationships.

The interpretation of the cards in relation to the individual’s horoscope offers personalized advice and predictions. Tarotscope serves as a tool for self-reflection, decision-making, and gaining clarity on life’s challenges and opportunities.

What is Vedic Sastra?

Vedic Sastra is based on the Vedas, also known as Vedic Scriptures. The Vedas refer to a vast collection of ancient texts and teachings that form the foundation of Hindu philosophy and spirituality. These scriptures include the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, and various other sacred texts.

The Vedic treatises serve to provide readers with a wide range of knowledge, including philosophy, cosmology, ethics, rituals, and spiritual practices. Readers can obtain guidance on leading a righteous and fulfilling life, understanding the nature of reality, and seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Even today, Vedic Sastra is highly revered and continues to be studied with eagerness. The Vedas are followed by millions worldwide as a source of wisdom and spiritual guidance.

Trust Our Guidance, Change Your Existence!

Our approach is holistic. We do not make use of only one approach to deal with the problems of our clients. From Vedic Shastra to gemstones to spiritual items and yantras, we follow a comprehensive approach to ensure the best possible results for our clients. Get our proven astrological remedies that have helped change the course of life for thousands of people; you can be assured of the most successful outcomes for your life.

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